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180 Squadron Virtual and In-Person Training is Here

See below or email for more details


Current Optional Activities include

Flying Ground School                             Survival Training                                Rifle Range                           Leadership                              Band

Citizenship                                              Effective Speaking                              Debate                                  Orienteering                           Space Club

Fitness                                                      Drill Team                                          Rifle Drill Team                     Duke of Ed Award                  Radio






Our next Recruit intake will be

on Friday 7 January 2021, 7pm at 3077 Bathurst St (back of building, north east corner of Bathurst and Lawrence)

We will also have another intake in March

We ask that you Send us an email so we can keep in contact incase there are changes.

Email us at and


Joining Forms Click Here 

Uniforms are provided

Fee - is $100 for the year - which helps pay for cadet insurance

All cadets must sell 3 Air Cadet Lottery Tickets which raises money for the Gliding Program

And all cadets must participate in Fundraising Activities when available


'Tis The Season To Be Giving

Please Help Raise Funds For 

180 Mosquito Air Cadet Squadron


Purge your home of unused items for the


Bottle Drive                Clothing

Scrap metal/ E-waste                        Household Items/toys


Items other than large appliances and large scrap metal can be dropped off at 3077 Bathurst on the following dates:

Sunday 19 December - 11am to 5pm        

Sunday 2 January - 5pm to 9pm

Monday 3 January - 6pm-8pm        

Thursday 6 January - 6pm to 8pm           

Friday 7 January - 6pm - 9pm

Sat 8 January - 9am to 5pm - drop off and pick up day


We are looking for the following:

Empty cans / bottles - Beer, Wine and Liquor bottles

E-waste - computers, electronics, wire

Scrap metal – refridgerators, stoves, washer, dryers, BBQs, bikes, and anything metal

Household items - no larger than a beach ball such as home d├ęcor, toys, games, cutlery, small appliances, glassware, and sporting equipment (please box these items)

Soft items - Clothing, linens, blankets, towels, shoes, boots,  

(please place in garbage bags, items are sold by weight so they can be a little stained, worn, or damaged.)

Books and Media - Books (no textbooks), DVD's, VHS, CDs and vinyl records


Porch or curbside Pick-up 

Will be available in the City of Toronto (North of Bloor or Danforth) for large amounts on Saturday 8 January 2022 between 9am and 5pm.

Please attach a note stating it is for 180 Sqn so we know what to take. Due to covid protocals, we are not permitted to enter any homes. To arrange a pick-up, please e-mail the address and items to be picked up to the following e-mails: or 


Any questions please call Maj Mike Marsh 416 709 9149 or email


Scrap Metals We Will Collect

  • E-WASTE- TV's, Computers, Keyboards, Green Boards, Hard Drives
  • COPPER PIPE- Tubing , House Drains
  • COPPER WIRE- #1+#2, Commercial, House, Computer, Phone
  • BRASS- Yellow , Red, Sculptures
  • TAPS- faucets , House, Commercial
  • STAINLESS STEEL- Sinks, Restaurant Equipment
  • ALUMINUM- Window Frames
  • BATTERIES- Car, Truck, Appliance and Toy
  • ALUMINUM RIMS -Car and Truck
  • LEAD- Wheel Wieghts, Bar, Pipe Etc.
  • RADIATORS- Car, Air Conditioner, Fridge
  • CAST- Aluminum, BBQ's, Sculptures
  • ELECTRIC MOTORS- Large, Small, House Fans
  • APPLIANCES- (White Goods)washer,dryers,fridges,stoves,,vacuums
  • AUTOCAST-  Brake Rotors, Brake Drums
  • SHRED- Mixed Tin, Bicycles, Swing Sets, Fencing, Lawnmower,
  • WHITE GOODS- appliances, water tanks
  • CAST IRON- BBQ's, Sewer Lids + Pipe
  • AUTOMOTIVE- Engines, Transmissions (less fluids), Car Parts



Optional Training will be on the following days of the Week:

Fridays - Manditory Cadet Training - to attend optional training you must attend Friday Evenings as well -In-person and Virtual

Saturdays - Drill Team - in-person - 9am to noon at 3077 Bathurst

Saturdays - Band - In-person - 1pm-4pm at Denison Armouries

Sundays - Range - in person - 9am to noon at 3077 Bathurst

Sunday - Effective Speaking - Hybrid - 1pm to 3pm in-person at 3077 Bathurst

Sunday - Rifle Drill Team - in person - 5pm to 8pm - Denison Armouries

Monday - Sports/Fitness - in person - 7pm to 930pm - 3077 Bathurst

Tuesday - Flying Ground School - Virtual - 7pm to 9pm

Tuesday - Coding - virtual coming in January

Wednesday - Space Team - Virtual - 730pm to 900pm

Wednesday - Debate - In-person - 7pm to 830pm at 3077 Bathurst

Thursdays - Radio - Virtual - 7pm to 830pm



Training Location Information


In-Person Training locations and levels for Friday Evenings


3 December
3077 - Flight 1 - SLt Wun

Legion - Flight 2 - CI Levy - WO1 Huboux

Denison - Flight 4 - MWO Hicks / CI Logozzo - WO2 Abukar


10 December

All non recruit cadets Virtual for Guest Speaker

3077 - Recruits - CI Davis


17 December

Virtual Christmas Game Night


7 January

3077 - Recruits - CI Davis

Legion - Flight 3 - CI Louie - WO1 Huboux

Denison - Flight 5 - Capt Conway - WO2 Abukar


14 January

3077 - Flight 1 - SLt Wun

Legion - Flight 2 - CI Levy - WO1 Huboux

Denison - Flight 4 - MWO Hicks / CI Logozzo - WO2 Abukar



Any cadet that can not attend in-person can attend virtually and join the next level up. 



For Access to Denison use the below link to self screen before you enter.

If you do not have a smart phone you can use then you will be required to have a staff member read the Screening to you at the Security Desk



3077 Bathurst St - North West Corner of Bathurst and Lawrence. Entrance is the stairway in the rear of the builidng basement level



401 Rosewell Ave - Glenview Public School


6 Spring Garden - Spring Garden Legion