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180 Squadron Virtual Training is Here

We are currently doing Virtual Training due to the Covid Pandemic

Please email for more details





Our next Recruit intake will be

Friday's till 8 January 2021 at 630pm Virtually

Email us for a Zoom invite

We will be taking new recruits till Friday 22 January


The next intake will be 5 March to 25 March


Please ensure you fill out the joining forms and send to us or on the Friday we can go over the information with you

Joining Forms Click Here 

Uniforms are provided

Fee - is $70 for the year - which helps pay for cadet insurance

All cadet must sell 1 book of Lottery Tickets which raises money for the Gliding Program

And all cadets must participate in Fundraising Activities 


We ask that you Send us an email so we can keep in contact incase there are changes  due to
the Covid Pandemic.

Email us at or



A little more about 180 Squadron


Manditory Training Days

Currently all Training will be done Virtually until further notice


 Optional Training

For Optional Training Cadets are encouraged to attend as many activities as they can.
More details for each of the Optional Training Activities can be found on this website.

All are currently virtual

Band - Saturdays 3pm - 430pm

Flying Scholarship (Ground School) - Saturdays noon - 2pm

Effective Speaking - Every Second Mondays 7pm - 830pm

Radio - Thursdays 7pm - 830pm

Sports/Fitness - Every Second Sundays 1pm to 3pm

Debate - Saturdays 10am - 1130am

Space - Every Second Wednesdays - 7pm to 9pm 

Biathlon - Every Second Monday - 7pm to 830pm



Training Locations


In-Person Optional Training

3077 Bathurst St

Parents only can attend to Speak to the staff, drop off or pick up equipment. Please no cadets





Cadets who require uniform exchanges and full uniform need to email the below information required to - and

Please copy and paste this information in the email and fill out the blanks. ALL SIZES ARE TO BE IN INCHES ONLY example do not put 5'6" put  66"

Uniforms can be picked up by Parents only Friday Evening between 6pm and 730pm. You will be emailed when the order is ready for pick up 



First Name_____________________



Head size______________________






Shoe Size___________________________ (In mm not inches, see below)


Items required

Full uniform_____________








If you are just exchanging an item you can also indicate what size you require by looking at what size you have now and figuring out what size you require.  If you have pants, tunic or parka look at the size tag it will read a 4 digit number such as 6432 or 6748. The first 2 numbers are the height the last 2 numbers are chest for tunics/parkas waist for pants

 Exmple: If you need larger pants in the waist you and you have a size 6738 you can request a size 6740 or larger. If they fit in the waist but not the length you can request a 7038.








Annual Inspection Award Recipients


Philip Garratt Trophy for General Proficiency - WO2 Yao

The Lord Strathcona Medal - WO2 Martins

Most Promising Cadet Award - Cpl Bilenjkij 

LCol Dale Award for Academic Excellence - LAC Collins

John Kerr Flying Flying Award -  WO2 Choi

The Captain Phillip Chao Athletic Award  - FCpl D'Silva

Top Marksmanship award - FCpl Pigida

Golden Boot for Top Rifle Drill Team Member - Cpl Vasa

Top Drill Team member - WO2 Zeng

Top Band Member - Sgt Sun

Top Tagging Award -  Cpl Hiddema, Cpl Vasa, FCpl Allen

  • Sports

  • Maps & Compass

  • Range

  • Archery

  • Cadet

  • Field Exercise

  • Winter Exercise

What is 180 Mosquito Squadron and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets?

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets is a national organization for youth aged 12 to 18, sponsored and run by the Air Cadet League (a civilian organization) and the Department of National Defence. The organization is made up many training centres, gliding centres, and most importantly, the squadrons, of which every cadet is a part of. 180 Mosquito Squadron is named after the De Havilland DH-98 Mosquito, one of the most successful military aircraft of World War II, and is one of over 450 Air Cadet squadrons across Canada.

180 Squadron is located in central Toronto near Lawrence Ave W and Avenue Rd. Cadets are asked to commit to attending every Friday evening at Glenview Public School. We also offer optional programs such as a Marching Band and Drill Team who practices on Saturdays, Range and Rifle Drill Team who practice Sundays and a sports program who practice Monday evenings. Further we have a flying scholarship program as cadets maybe able to obtain their Pilots licence and other outings such as weekend field exercises, parades, and competitions.

All Cadets are required to assist with fundraising and are also required to sell 1 book of fundraining lottary tickets ($60 value). They are also required to attend fundraising events such as TAG Days, Poppy selling and Red Nose Selling. These fundraising activities are required to help off set our large required budget. Such as school permit fee's of over $27 000.

For more information on the Cadet program, visit the National Cadet Website.

Upcoming Activities Information


OPC Lottery Tickets

All Cadets are required to sell a minimum of 1 book of OPC Lottery Tickets. Pick up your book Today

OPC Lottery will take place on a future date. 


JULY 16, 2020




1st Grand Prize, 2020 Subaru WRX STI valued at $50,217
Beatrix Demers, Toronto, Ontario | Ticket Number 049201

2nd Grand Prize, 2020 Subaru KV100-BRZ valued at $33,669
Linda McLaughen, Plainfield, Ontario | Ticket Number 070443

3rd Grand Prize, 1 hour Flight for 4 in the Lancaster Bomber valued at $14,565
Jenny Lun, Newmarket, Ontario | Ticket Number 121374

4th Prize – 6 Residual Prizes of $5000 Cash
Clare Barnett, Toronto, Ontario | Ticket Number 005638
Sidra Ali, Brampton, Ontario | Ticket Number 084644
Donna Cooke, Welland, Ontario | Ticket Number 004143
Yi Ding, Markham, Ontario | Ticket Number 056189
Cora and Don MacMillan, Ridgetown, Ontario | Ticket Number 107584
Susan Funk, Sioux Lookout, Ontario | Ticket Number 049724

5th Prize – 6 Residual Prizes of $1000 Cash
Hiayan Zhao, Maple, Ontario | Ticket Number 121511
Lilli Audeh, Mississauga, Ontario | Ticket Number 098518
Eric Gray, Kingston, Ontario | Ticket Number 024780
62 SSC Grimsby, Ontario | Ticket Number 001950
Liz Martin, Everett, Ontario | Ticket Number 113547
Fatima Sajjad, Mississauga, Ontario | Ticket Number 098404

Congratulations to all of our Winners, we thank you for your support of the Air Cadet League of Canada, Ontario Provincial Committee, and the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program.





High School CO OP Credits

To get up to 4 High School CO OP Credits please take the following attachment to your school Guideance Counselor


Co-Op Fillable Registration Form.pdf

Cadet Co-Op FAQs 2020-2021.pdf








1. Go to the website scroll down and click on register here.

2. Choose your preferred language > Click Next Step

3. Under Applicant (What is your affiliation) select Active or retired civilian employee of the Canadian Armed Forces Community, includes DND, NPF, DRDC, DCC, CSE, RCMP, Canadian Coast Guard, CADETS and Junior Canadian Rangers. > Click Next Step
4. Under Applicant (Which applies to your affiliation) select Extended Defence and Security Team. > Click Next Step

5. Under Applicant (Extended Defence and Security Team) select CADET. > Click Next Step

6. Fill in the First and Last Name of the CADET who is applying for the CFOne Card. > Click Next Step

7. Fill in the DOB (Date of Birth) and Gender of the CADET who is applying for the CFOne Card. > Click Next Step

8. Select the preferred Salutation of the CADET who is applying and upload Proof
Document (attach a screen shot or file of the provided “token” in this section as the proof of cadet membership). Token is the Red and Black item above  > Click Next Step

9. Fill out remaining personal information of the CADET who is applying (phone number, address etc.…) and Submit the Application.
See what you can get by being a member





Upcoming Events

All events are cancelled till further notice