Officers are the adult staff of the squadron. They are responsible for supervision on all cadet activities, squadron logistics and supply, all the paperwork involved in running the squadron, and much more. The officer group is made up of members of the Canadian Armed Forces Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC), Canadian Armed Forces Reservist, Civilian Instructors (CIs) and other adult volunteers. Officers and volunteers are all respectful members of the community and hold regular civilian jobs or are in post-secondary education while involved with the squadron.

Maj. Singh Commanding Officer
Capt. Hanniford CD Training Officer
Capt. Marsh CD Deputy Commanding and Band Officer 
Lt. Sandoval CD Flying Scholarship Officer
WO Hicks CD Band Staff 
MCpl Webb Training Staff 
Cpl. Stephens Website Admin
Pte. Botsiev Training Staff 
Mr. Arrowsmith Administration Officer and Drill Team Staff
Ms. Clarke-Eldridge Trainig Staff
Ms. Humphrey Sports Officer
Mr. Levy CD Standards Officer
Mr. Logozzo Supply Officer
Mr. Precy-Robb Recruit Officer 
Mr. Tanimola Training Staff
Ms. Vassell Training Staff
Mr. Yogarajah Training Staff
Mr. Zhang Drill Team Officer and Band Staff
► To contact a specific officer, submit a brief message to us, giving your full name and the person you want to contact, and the message will be relayed to that person: 180 Sqn Contact Form