Summer Courses

Air Cadet Summer Training Program
Every summer, thousands of cadets in Ontario attend various courses (commonly called “camps”) at cadet training centres and other locations across the province. 180 Sqn normally sends around 60 - 70 cadets every year to the various courses.

Summer courses range from the 2-week General Training Course (GTC), to 3-week basic courses, and to 6-week advanced and national courses. Aside from GTC, all the courses focus on an aspect of the cadet program, such as leadership, outdoor survival, sports, music and aviation. Most cadets will go to CFB Trenton (2 hours east of Toronto) or CFB Borden (1 hour north of Toronto).

Summer courses are free and transportation to all training centres is provided. As well, clothing (hat, shirt, shorts, running shoes) are issued by 180 Sqn in the spring.
Most departures are from Denison Armouries at 1 Yukon Ln.
Most returns are also to Denison Armouries.
Cadets are permitted to be picked up after graduation parades, but must notify Captain Marsh and receive confirmation from him.
Some courses, such as those in other provinces, international exchange, etc., may have other departure locations and dates. More info will follow on the home page.
Approximate course dates for 2018:
GT intake 2 (limited spots available)
July 22 - August 4
All three-week Trenton camps (Advanced Aviation, Basic Aviation, BATA)
July 8 - July 28
All three-week Blackdown (Borden) camps (Basic Sports, Basic Drill, Basic Survival, Basic Band)
July 29 - August 17
Six-week camp
July 8 - August 17

Cadets must have their signed offer and health card to board the bus. Cadets also need to wear their uniforms but leave their tunics and ties at home. It is recommended to print off your joining package as there are forms that need to be completed and brought to camp (such as the transportation form and code of conduct).

If cadets are not sure which training centre they will be going to, check the list below and it will advise you of where your camp will be. All French camps in Quebec are to use the Eastern Region joining instruction (JI).

Cadets and their parents are reminded to send Capt Marsh an email to verify their email address. An email stating who the cadet is and what course they are taking will be fine. Please use the email address that you'd like Capt Marsh to send departure and return busing information to.

Cadets should be departing for their camp the day before it starts. For example, GT starts on July 22, cadet should depart Denison on July 21.

ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL CAPT MARSH - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.