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Have the NCO's caught you with lint on your uniform? Lint rollers for $4.00 will solve the lint issue! Ask the canteen staff.


If you need your pants lengthened / shortened to meet the 1st to 3rd lace rule, Supply can hem your pants for $10.00.


Just place your request via the


Uniform Request Form.


New Ordering Process 

A new uniform exchange / replacement system has been introduced to 180's supply.  If you need to replace, exchange or order additional uniform items, you must submit a request using the "Uniform Request Form".  You can view your status of your order through the "Status of Uniform Orders" page.  The Supply Officer will not respond to uniform kit requests via email.

If you require new boots, you must submit a request through the "Uniform Request Form". Once submitted, please visit the Supply Office during open hours to be sized.


Cadet Summer Training Centre Qualification Badges, Pins & Certicificates.

If you did not receive your badge(s), pin(s) and/or certificate(s) for your summer camp training  from your course staff please submit a request through the "Missing CSTC / Proficiency Qualification & Badges' form". Note: Some Cadet training centres mail the badges, pins and certificates to the squadron. If so, they should arrive by the second week of October.


Uniform Care & Maintenance

Please review the links below to familiarize yourself with the care and maintenance of your uniform. The cadet(s) and their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are financial responsible for any damages, loss and/or theft of the cadets uniform. I fee must be submitted for all replacements for incidents noted in this paragraph.


Missing CSTC / Proficiency Qualification & Badges

Uniform Request Form

Uniform Care Label

Uniform Replacement Costs

Uniform Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Status of Uniform Orders

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