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What is 180 Mosquito Squadron and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets?

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets is a national organization for youth aged 12 to 18, sponsored and run by the Air Cadet League (a civilian organization) and the Department of National Defence. The organization is made up many training centres, gliding centres, and most importantly, the squadrons, of which every cadet is a part of. 180 Mosquito Squadron is named after the De Havilland DH-98 Mosquito, one of the most successful military aircraft of World War II, and is one of over 450 Air Cadet squadrons across Canada.

180 Squadron is located in central Toronto near Lawrence Ave W and Avenue Rd. Cadets are asked to commit to attending every Friday evening at Glenview Public School. We also offer optional programs such as a Marching Band and Drill Team who practices on Saturdays, Range and Rifle Drill Team who practice Sundays and a sports program who practice Monday evenings. Further we have a flying scholarship program as cadets maybe able to obtain their Pilots licence and other outings such as weekend field exercises, parades, and competitions.

Costs: Cost as required by the sponsoring committee is $60 for the training year Sept to Jun. All cadets are also required to sell 1 book of fundraining lottary tickets ($60 value) and are requested to attend fundraising events such as TAG Days, Poppy selling and Red Nose Selling. The sponsoring committee also has extra costs for optional March Break Trips and a Winter Weekend Exercises.

For more information on the Cadet program, visit the National Cadet Website.

Summer Camp

All Cadets attending summer camp must read over the joining instructions for the camp location they are attending.

Transportation Instructions will come the week before camp starts, and should be emailed to the email you submitted on your application form. it will also be posted on the Squadron Website.

It is recommended that the cadets print off the joining instructions for the camp they are attending and the general joining "information all cadets" as there are form which are required at the back.

Information all Cadets  - General Joining Instructions.

Blackdown (Borden)



Easter Region (French Camps, Bagotville or Valcartier)

Staff Cadet




The Following Items must be in your possession or you will not be permitted to board the bus

MANDATORY ITEMS (pack these things first!)
Provincial Health Card
MedicAlert Identification (if needed)
Prescription Medication
Over-the-Counter Medication (if needed)
Prescription Eyewear with protective strap
Cash (approx. $20)
Time-Off Authorization Form
Personal Kit Log
Banking Info (Void Cheque or Direct Deposit Form)
Offer of Participation

If you require further information please contact Maj Marsh at or Capt Conway at

or Check out the Summer Camp Tab above.


Departure Dates Times and Locations:

Cadets also need to be at their departure location 30 min before departure. Cadets will be departing from Denison Armouries (Where Annual was) at 1 Yukon Lane, near Sheppard Ave W and The Allen Expressway unless they are out of region camps (French Camps) in which they will be departing from Pearson International Airport. Cadets will need the following or they may not be allowed on the bus.

Health Card


Vaccination Copy

Forms filled out in the back of the Joining Instructions

Cadets should know of travel dates and times via email the Wednesday or Thursday before camp. Camps depart on the Sunday with the exception of a very few who depart on the Saturday.

Cadet are required to advise parents of pick up times. We do not always get the pickup information in a timely manner and may not be able to notify parents in time. When cadets are at camp they will need to find out busing times from camp. If parents are picking up their cadets after Graduation they are to advise the camp.


General Training 2 Week Camp

The bus departs 9:00am, Sunday 21 July 2019,  from Denison Armoury parking lot,(or road) , 2 Yukon Lane, North York. ON.  Be at the parking lot (or road) by 8:30am to check in with the bus escort officer.  Dress is in cadet uniform but no tunic, no tie.  Not sure if the parking lot is paved yet, so it may be very busy on the roadway.

To get on the bus the cadet needs to be in uniform and to bring a valid health card (to be safe guarded by the camp), the Offer of Participation, the forms from the Common Joining Instructions, and if possible a copy of his Vaccinations (photo copy is fine).  The Vaccination records are requested in case there is a Measles outbreak this summer, so the camp knows who is vaccinated.

Have a Great Summer




New Recruits Welcome

Interested in joining 180 Squadron?

Next Registration intake is Friday 13 September 2019.

Go to the Join Cadets tab for more information.


We are located at  Glenview Public School - 401 Rosewell Ave Toronto

Avenue Rd and Lawrence Ave West  (minutes from Lawrence Subway station)



180 Mosquito logo

Upcoming Events

Please go to the Calendar for the full list of events, including team practices.

Fri 6 Sept - First day - No uniforms - at Denison

Sat 7 Sept and Sun 8 Sept - NCO Course All Sr NCO's, OJT's and Flight 1's - at Denison

Fri 13 Sept - First Night for New Recuits - at Glenview Public School

Thur 19 Sept - Sunday 22 Sept - TAG DAYS (Manditory event)

Sat 21 Sept - Gliding for Recruits (Half Day afternoon)