180 Sqn has two drill teams that compete in various competitions throughout the training year. The 16-cadet teams perform precision foot drill in a two-part routine. The first part, the compulsory routine, involves a standard set of commands where the commander orders the cadets to demonstrate various Canadian Forces drill movements. The supplementary routine is a five-minute silent drill performance where the cadets must perform a choreographed routine without any commands.

Drill Team
180's Drill Team is one of the best in the province, consistently winning the Top in Ontario award. Usually made up of senior cadets, the team practices hard on Saturday mornings.

Drill Team with Arms
180's Drill Team with Arms, commonly known as the Rifle Drill Team, performs it's routines using World War 2 era Lee Enfield rifles, and is one of the few Air Cadet drill teams that uses them.

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